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CUDDLE Beancurd Quilt are super soft and smooth, premium materials are used to make it feel cool and breathable.

They are incorporated with Soy Protein Fiber, this enhances its anti-bacterial, anti-dust mites properties and it’s all natural. Beancurd Quilt comes with corner loops for easy attachment to quilt covers. 



Hygienic : Natural Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Dust mite

Superior Comfort : Soft, smooth and light weight

Absorbency : Absorbs moisture well

Easy Care : Easy to wash and fast drying

Shrinkage : Fiber don’t shrink even in hot water

Luster : SPF have the luster of silk and provides excellent drape


Product : Beancurd Quilt

Colour : Cream White 

Comes in various sizes :

Super Single : 150x200cm Approx. 1.8kg

Queen : 180x220cm Approx. 2.4kg

King : 200x230cm Approx. 3kg

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